Whidbey Camano Land TrustPolicies & Procedures Whidbey Camano Land TrustPolicies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Our current approved policies and procedures are listed below. Please contact Danielle Rideout, Land Protection Specialist, with questions regarding any of the documents listed below.

Policy 1.1 Strategic Planning

Policy 1.3 Code of Ethics

Policy 2.1 Compliance with Laws

Policy 2.2 Records Policy

Policy 2.4 Whistleblower Protection

Policy 3.1 Board Accountability

Policy 3.1.1 Establishing Policies and Procedures

Procedure 3.1.1.A Procedure for Establishing Policies and Procedures

Policy 3.2 Recruitment of New Board Members

Procedure 3.2.A Recruitment of New Board Members

Policy 4.1 Conflicts of Interest

Policy 4.2 Board Member Compensation

Policy 5.1 Legal & Ethical Fundraising

Policy 6.1 Financial Management NEW!

Policy 6.1.1 Internal Controls

Procedure 6.1.1.A Online Disbursements

Policy 6.2 Investment Management

Policy 6.2.1 Investment Policy Statement

Policy 6.3 Dedicated Funds

Policy 6.3.1 Land Acquisition Revolving Fund

Policy 6.3.2 Stewardship Reserve Fund

Procedure for Stewardship Reserve Fund

Policy 6.3.3 Legal Defense Fund

Procedure for Legal Defense Fund Fund

Policy 7.2 Volunteers

Policy 7.2.1 Volunteer Committee Members

Policy 7.5 Personnel Policies

Policy 7.5.1 Personnel Policy Handbook

Policy 7.5.2 Compensation Policy

Procedure 7.5.2.A Team-Based Bonus Program

Policy 8.1 Evaluating, Selecting, and Approving Conservation Projects

Policy 8.2 Project Selection Criteria and Evaluation Process

Policy 11.1 Conservation Easement Stewardship

Procedure for Baseline Documentation Reports

Procedure for Conservation Easement Monitoring

Policy 11.3 Enforcement of Conservation Easements

Procedure for Conservation Easement Enforcement

Policy 11.4 Conservation Easement Amendments

Procedure 11.4.A Conservation Easement Amendments

Policy 11.5 Condemnation Actions