Mekare Bowen

Operations Specialist

Mekare joined the Land Trust in May 2022. She graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Human Services, with an emphasis on nonprofit work. Over the last eight years, she has participated in conservation missions in South Africa and Washington State and has volunteered for a Seattle-based wildlife rehabilitation center.

Mekare was born and raised in Coupeville. As a child, she ran around barefoot in the woods from sunup until sundown and always felt a keen sense of protection and love for not just the island but for all of Washington State. As the years went on and as it became more and more apparent that vast amounts of our home were being lost to development, Mekare became deeply passionate about conserving the land and was granted the incredible opportunity to pursue a career with the Land Trust that encompassed all her values and enabled her to play a part in protecting said land.

When she isn’t up to some sort of shenanigan on her property like ripping out the latest invasive plant species from the yard or painting something that probably doesn’t need to be painted, Mekare enjoys being lost in the Okanogan with her family, fishing and shed hunting until dark. Otherwise, you can find her curled up at home with her two kitties and her partner Ryan, pestering her mother and sister next door or looking for “treasures” on the beach.