Another Chance to Catch ‘Otterly’ Fantastic Webinar

Author: Jessica | 12/03/20

River Otter image

North American river otters are the only otters found in the Salish Sea. This one is shown on a central Whidbey shoreline. Photo by Jann Ledbetter.

Did you know that North American river otters are densely distributed throughout the Puget Sound region yet spend less than 30 percent of their time in the water?

Were you aware that river otters are one of the first species to disappear from polluted watersheds?

Dr. Heide Island shared all of that and more during a fun and fact-filled webinar on November 20. Her presentation focused largely on the behaviors of river otters she’s studied on central Whidbey Island. She compared those to captive river otters that she also researches at the Oregon Zoo. Several of the river otters she’s gotten acquainted with on Whidbey inhabit the Land Trust’s Crockett Lake Preserve.

In case you missed Dr. Island’s Zoom webinar, you can access a video recording of the presentation here. You’ll want to fast forward to about the 9 minute, 12-second mark of the video when the presentation begins. Enjoy!

Watch the Webinar


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