Our Feeders Might be Killing Birds

Author: Jessica | 02/05/21

Pine Siskins image by Judith Roan

Salmonellosis is taking a toll on Pine Siskins and other birds in Island County. Photo by Judith Roan.

Saving Habitat is the Key to Wildlife

A salmonellosis outbreak around the state is killing many of our treasured birds this winter. This disease is usually fatal. Wild finches seem to be especially vulnerable. It is highly recommended that we take down all of our feeders and remove bird baths until April 1.

For more information, you can read frequently asked questions about salmonellosis in wild birds on the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website.

Did you know? Since 1970, North America has lost 3 billion birds – 29 percent of its avian population. Every 30 seconds, the United States loses a football field of natural lands to development.

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A shout-out to Judith Roan for sharing her incredible photograph of Pine Siskins and thistle.

Note: The recommended date to keep your bird feeders down was extended a month to April 1, 2021. This update was reported by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife in its February 23 release


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