Dalzell wetland

This wetland, part of the Dalzell Conservation Easement, is being restored by the landowner.

A Four Year Dream Comes True

Located at the headwaters of Glendale Creek, the 28-acre Dalzell Property, historically known as the Jackson Farm, includes both forest and open fields. The conservation easement removed all but one residential development right from the property and was generously donated to the Land Trust by Suzannah Dalzell.

For Suzanah Dalzell, protecting her 28-acres of beautiful and ecologically important land on South Whidbey was a dream come true. Forests, wetlands, and the salmon-spawning waters of Glendale Creek will all benefit from her gift. The many island residents and visitors who travel Cultus Bay Road will also benefit by continuing to enjoy a protected scenic view.

Suzannah bought the property when it was put up for sale to save it from being developed. She worked closely with us to create a conservation easement that permanently protects the land. Along with the easement, Suzannah donated to the stewardship fund. With Suzannah’s generous donation, the we will be able to leverage scarce resources and protect other island lands.

A deep love for her land and a desire to see it cared for long into the future are just a couple of the reasons why Suzzanah protected her property.

Through the conservation easement placed on her property Suzannah retains ownership of her property; she can sell it or bequeath it in her will and the conservation easement will stay in effect—forever. Thanks, Suzannah, for your dream, your bold action, and your generous gift.


Keystone Preserve Paid Off