A Timeless Gift is Donated

It was a family affair when the Holton’s set out to protect their Camano Island property. Together, three generations of the Holton Family compared the development opportunities to the conservation values and partnered with us to conserve their property. With our assistance, a conservation easement was placed on the property in December 2012, ensuring the land remains protected, free from development, and forever wild.

“Land is a precious resource,” Randy Reeves, son of Joe and Cathy Holton explained. “It’s about preserving it for future generations.” And he is not alone. Family values like these were in the forefront of the Holton’s minds as they decided the future of their 31-acre Camano Island property.

“We have a connection to the land,” said Joe Holton. “We believe this is the highest and best use of our property and can only hope through our efforts, we inspire other gifts of conservation.”

The land remains on the tax rolls and in private ownership. The Holtons will be keeping the land in the family, and passing it down to the next generation.

With a mature and diverse forest and special wetlands and unusual peat bog, the family’s land is home to numerous types of wildlife, including the elusive red-legged frog. The property is a habitat corridor between Cama Beach and Camano Island State Parks, allowing wildlife to move freely back and forth through the parks and the Holton’s land.