Camano residents rallied for Kristoferson Creek

In early 2006, Island County Commissioners approved our request for $125,000 in Conservation Futures funding to permanently protect 2.5-acres and nearly 255 feet of the lower reach of Kristoferson Creek. In addition, a willing landowner agreed to a bargain sale, which helped make acquisition possible.

The lower portion of Kristoferson Creek provides important fish and wildlife habitat and has very important riparian and wetland vegetation. It also includes a healthy, “Class A” wetland. Three species of salmon are documented in Kristoferson Creek, including spawning chum salmon in the protected property area.

Estuaries with a supportive creek system, such as Kristoferson Creek, contribute the greatest amount of biodiversity for wildlife and are very important for flood control and water quality.

In addition, this property provides a permanent, safe and convenient, publicly-owned location where school children and the general public can access the creek for educational and wildlife viewing purposes. Acquisition of the property also provided wetland protection beyond the required regulatory setbacks.

The Friends of Camano Island Parks and its volunteers, including school children, help steward and appropriately develop the property. Activities include native plant restoration and installation of low-impact public access facilities, such as a trail and viewing platform.

Conservation Futures is a land conservation program administered by Island County to protect significant farm, forest, open space, wildlife habitat, and shoreline and recreation lands. Program funds are used to acquire land or the rights to future development of land.