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Leave Your Legacy


As you look out over the landscapes of Whidbey and Camano Islands, do you see a timeless view, one that you want to make sure future generations can love and appreciate? Would you like your personal legacy to include protecting beautiful, natural surroundings of our islands – forever?

If yes, then you’ll be interested in learning more about the Legacy Circle, a group of supporters who take the future of the Land Trust very seriously. It’s about caring, planning and acting — all with an eye to the future.

How the Legacy Circle Works

Membership in the Legacy Circle comes with making the Land Trust a beneficiary of all or part of your estate. You can do that by putting the Land Trust in your will, making us a beneficiary of your life insurance policies or retirement plans, or making a gift of real estate or other significant assets. In addition, supporters who activate a planned gift, such as a Charitable Lead Trust or a Charitable Remainder Trust, during their lifetime are also eligible for membership in the Legacy Circle.

There is a lot to consider and decide when planning your estate. Many options allow you to make a generous gift to the Land Trust while taking care of family and heirs. Depending on your situation, there may be significant tax advantages, such as reducing or eliminating estate, gift, or inheritance taxes. We recommend strongly that you consult with your attorney and/or accountant.

Discuss Your Options

To learn how you can join the Legacy Circle and your individual giving options, please contact Danielle Bishop, Donor Relations Manager.