Whidbey Camano Land Trust



If You Build an Osprey Nest, Will They Come?

Bonnie Thie eagerly awaits the day when she sees an Osprey poking its white head out of a nest high above the Whidbey Camano Land Trust’s Admiralty Inlet Natural Area Preserve located just north of Fort Casey State Park off of Engle Road.

Curiosity Saved the Barn

“We stopped on the edge of the mud and just looked at this barn with trees growing at the openings,” Marshall said. “We backed out and headed for the ferry and thought, ‘Should we put an offer in on this place?’”

Images from Earth Day Cleanup

In an effort to do something a little extra in celebration of Earth Day, we hit the beach along the Keystone Spit near Coupeville on April 20 and participated in the community beach cleanup program.

Professor’s Passion: Restoring Wetland Wonder

Dr. Sievert Rohwer is curator emeritus of ornithology (birds) at the UW’s Burke Museum, but he also holds a soft spot for frogs, toads and other amphibians. By restoring the different habitats on his property, he’s brought back a healthy population of native amphibians.

Children with Hiking Group Gain Outdoor Education at Nature Preserves

Saying the word “coyote” is tricky for 2½ -year-old Savanna Tassie. But she knows what a coyote is. That’s why she howls when she looks at the interpretive panel that shows a painting of a coyote and other wildlife at Admiralty Inlet Preserve.

For the Love of Wildlife, Greenbank Couple Protects Wooded Property

If trees could talk, one can only imagine what those on Don and Jan Allens’ land would say. For more than a half century, the Allens have gently tended their wooded Whidbey Island property, helping a lush forest remain standing.

Heavy Lifting During Barnum Point Cleanup

A large gathering of volunteers showed up at Barnum Point on Camano Island eager to clean up debris to help get the property closer to opening to the public as a county park.

Retired teacher looks out for forest friends

Lidabeth Hicks has lived on her property for 67 years. She’s developed such a love for the wildlife on her land that she donated a conservation easement to the Land Trust that prohibits the forest from ever being cut down.

Owl Photo Lands Camano Resident Cover of Land Trust’s 2018 Calendar

Noticing snow falling one morning in early February, Matt Ferguson grabbed his camera gear and knee-high boots and headed out to look for wintertime wildlife shots.

Western Toads a Symbol of Restoration Success at Dugualla Preserve

Watching thousands of tiny toads crawl across a landscape can be a moving experience. It was for Ruth Milner when she started her career 30 years ago as a biologist for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.