‘Shorties’ are Back!

The annual return of Short-eared Owls at Crockett Lake Preserve always creates excitement this time of year.

10 Furry and Delightful Reasons to Love the Islands

River otters often move so fast that they can be hard to observe and learn more about. On a beach on Central Whidbey this summer, however, a group of 10 river otters showed up regularly and put on quite a show.

A Natural Fit

Land Trust board member Patrick Kennedy shares what he loves about island life and his passion to help protect the natural and rural features that drew him here.

Tentacles of Strange Red Octopus Stretch Far and Wide

Who knew that a strange red gelatinous sea creature washing up on the western shores of Whidbey Island would create such a stir? It turns out, it’s not every day that a seven-armed octopus is seen in these parts.

Nothing Hazy about Climate Change Threats Here

Island County isn’t immune to the threats of climate change. The Land Trust already is focusing efforts on mitigating the impacts.

Close Encounters, Endless Beauty Leave Lasting Impressions

From a sleeping elk to eye-opening scenery and nature, a summer intern shares her experience.

A Rare Sighting at Crockett Lake Preserve: A Buff-breasted Sandpiper

A Buff-breasted Sandpiper was spotted at the Land Trust’s Crockett Lake Preserve, only the third recorded sighting of the species in Island County.

Believe it or Not, Fall Shorebird Migration is Underway

Grab a spotting scope. Fall shorebird migration is just now getting started.

It’s Fishing Season for Eagles, too

Bald eagles might not be the most graceful swimmers. But style points don’t matter when a tasty salmon is involved, as one wildlife researcher recently discovered on Whidbey Island.

Oh Deer! It’s Fawn Season!

Fawns are one of cutest things you’ll ever see on Whidbey and Camano islands. Early summer is one of the best times to see one. If you come across a fawn by itself, there’s often little need to be concerned.


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