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Interactive Map Check out our interactive map to learn about the lands and waters we protect and the places you can visit.

A Toad’l Frenzy View a video of young Western Toads on Whidbey Island preparing to migrate in late August.

What’s New

2019 Land Trust calendar cover

2019 Land Trust Calendars Available! Here’s where you can find the Whidbey Camano Land Trust’s 2019 calendar.

Fascinating Facts about Bats Learn about bats from a Whidbey Island expert and dispel a few myths in the process.

About Us

The Whidbey Camano Land Trust is an independent, nationally accredited, 501(c)3 organization which actively involves the community in protecting, restoring, and appreciating the important natural habitats and resource lands that support the diversity of life on our islands and in the waters of Puget Sound. Find out more >>