Vital wetland habitat makes a comeback

Five miles west of where the north fork of the Skagit River empties into Puget Sound lies Dugualla Bay, one of the region’s most important areas for salmon recovery. From the mouth of the river, the Skagit’s legendary Chinook and other juvenile salmon have just a quick day trip to the shallow waters of the Land Trust’s protected shoreline properties. Here, along with migratory shorebirds, waterfowl and Western Toads, they find over 100 acres of restored wetland habitat — the result of years of complex land negotiations, joint projects with state and county partners, and the hands-on efforts of community volunteers.

“Whether we worked with the Land Trust or sold it (the property) to someone else, we would get the same value, so it is nicer that it can go to conservation. We are glad that it worked this way.”

– John Ducken, representing the Ducken Family LLC

Photo above by Matt Ferguson/ferglandfoto

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