Lagoon Point Forest is one of the last remaining intact blocks of unfragmented forest on central Whidbey Island. The preserve is currently 65 acres comprised of conifer and deciduous forest with wetlands and seasonal streams. Lagoon Point Forest is situated within a wildlife corridor that is important for the movement of plants and animals through this narrow section of Whidbey Island. The forest provides a range of climate resilience benefits and ecological functions, including carbon sequestration and aquifer recharge, which help maintain clean air and protect groundwater supply on the Island.

The Land Trust purchased 25 acres in December 2021 and 40 acres in September 2022, the latter with Island County Conservation Futures grant funds. Working with willing adjacent landowners, the Land Trust’s goal is to expand the preserve to approximately 280 acres, through several additional acquisitions, that together will form the Lagoon Point Community Forest. If successful, the completed project will include a trail system for public recreation. To accomplish this, the Land Trust is seeking additional grant funding and private donations. 

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A Look at Lagoon Point Forest