Larry Harris Memorial ‘Forever Wild’ Fund Created

Author: Jessica | 02/22/21

Larry Harris and Betty Azar

Larry Harris with wife Betty Azar at their Whidbey Island home. Photo courtesy Betty Azar.

Note: This article was written by Betty Azar, wife of Larry Harris.

Places on earth undisturbed by humans. Places where plants and animals flourish free and wild in their natural state. Forever.

How Larry would love to know he helped create these idyllic places right here in Island County. Yes, they do exist – and they need protection from otherwise inevitable human incursion.

Larry held wilderness in deep reverence, with places far from civilization his spiritual home. He hiked far and deep with everything he needed packed on his back so that he could touch the edges of wilderness and feel at peace and one with all of nature, even as he respectfully kept his distance. He honored the wilderness even as he found sustenance in it.

With his wife Betty Azar, the Larry Harris Memorial “Forever Wild” Fund has been created to acknowledge his many contributions on the Land Trust board working to ensure that land and water and the complex life they support are treated with veneration and love.

He fully understood that areas of wilderness safeguard natural ecosystems critical to preserving clean air and clear water and the climate health of our planet. Helping to create these places, right in our own backyard, is a wonderful legacy for Larry’s environmental activism and a gift for all who care about the environment in Island County.

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